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April 1, 2021

Platform Announcement

Future of Cities: Reimagining the Livability of Cities

From New York to Shanghai, cities across the globe have been swelling. While already facing compounding challenges, COVID-19 morphed from a public health crisis into an unprecedented global economic crisis, magnifying societal, environmental, and equity issues.

However, in the face of these stressors is tremendous opportunity. 

To address these issues, we need to co-create solutions with the world’s greatest thinkers and doers to foster long-term change, and ensure the livability of our cities for the next 10, 20, and 100+ years

That’s why we’re launching Future of Cities.

Future of Cities is a mission-driven consortium: part real estate investment and development vehicle, part-venture capital ecosystem, and part-think tank focused on transforming communities by adopting & expanding upon best practices in environmental, social and governance (ESG) strategies to improve the quality of urban living.

This platform represents a vision I have developed over two decades of work to revitalize and shape neighborhoods through projects that emphasize impact and transformation in Miami, one of the world’s most dynamic and vibrant gateway cities. This has included founding the Magic City Innovation District in Little Haiti, being one of the pioneers of the celebrated Wynwood Arts District, and creating ChoZen Retreat, which features Florida’s largest Tesla solar roof.  

Leveraging my experience, network and resources to encourage others who have global influence, our shared intention is to make a commitment to collective well-being and create sustainable cities that champion innovation, economic opportunity and positive community impact. 

The moment has come to reimagine how we build our world and scale new sustainable standards. 

Each Future of Cities project will be driven by Regenerative Placemaking, allowing communities to be a living laboratory  for safe, healthy, and resilient practices. 

What is Regenerative Placemaking?

Regenerative Placemaking is a development approach that protects existing neighborhoods by co-creating sustainable, eco-friendly and inclusive projects, emphasizing participatory planning, cross-sector collaboration and financial prosperity for the community.

Unlike other efforts, Future of Cities aims to mitigate gentrification and in turn, displacement, through a more inclusive, equitable, and holistic development approach that is participatory. By embracing regenerative placemaking, the Future of Cities’ will foster diverse and thriving communities.

We support policies that unlock community strength by forging high-performing relationships with leaders across a wide array of disciplines. 

Future of Cities’ will be guided by our advisory board, representing a collection of some of the world’s brightest luminaries in their respective fields, including: Dr. Dominique Hes, formerly of University of Melbourne, Amanda Ravenhill, Buckminster Fuller Institute; Chris Castro, City of Orlando’s Chief Sustainability Office; Alejandro Roman, Global CoCreation Lab (a spinout from MIT); Thomas Ermacora, Recoded City; Caitlin Taylor, MASS Design; Vandana Hart, Fmr. United Nations Women Safe Cities Program; Greg Lindsay, NewCities Foundation; Dr. Andréa Paige, The Institute for Aliveness; Bernie Cahill, Activist Talent Management; and Poonacha Machaiah, of the Chopra Foundation.

Additionally, the Future of Cities believes in the power of cross-sector collaboration to transform the world. The venture capital arm of our platform will make targeted capital injections into key industries and innovations that drive regenerative development, advance sustainability practices, support smart city growth and more. By supporting new sustainable standards and investing in breakthrough technologies and next generation building materials and innovations, we hope to end a cycle of environmental destruction and social inequality. 

Our goal: positively impact one billion people across the globe.

I personally invite you to join the Future of Cities movement. Whether you want to be a full member, investor, advocate or partner, we welcome you to our community of changemakers as the time to take action is now.


Tony Cho

Founder, Future of Cities