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Urban Development Is In deperate need of an overhaul

Covid-19 compressed a decade’s worth of transformation into months

Silicon Valley is moving to the Sun Belt for a new era of remote work. Seismic shifts in how we live, work, move and play expected to take years are happening overnight. We’re at an inflection point — will pandemic flight fuel a national wave of unsustainable development? Or can we responsibly harness new technologies and standards to regenerate more livable, equitable, and resilient places?

Introducing the Future of Cities

We are proud to introduce a new development platform combining the talents and expertise of partners who have successfully invested more than $2 billion across the globe.

Pioneering a new approach, Regenerative Placemaking, Future of Cities is a multisided platform comprised of real estate investment vehicle, venture capital ecosystem, and think-tank for regenerative development. By executing our flagship portfolio of projects and propagating best-practices from our partners, we intend to demonstrate how environmental-social-governance (ESG) strategies can drive outsized returns for communities and investors alike.

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A multi-sided model to accelerate change

Our projects double as testbeds for new technologies, progressive cross-sector planning strategies, and innovative financing techniques to create new frameworks for inclusive urban growth.

These will in turn guide our investments and provide thought leadership for collaboration with global and municipal leaders, stimulating local economies, and formulating policies for more thriving, liveable cities. Learn more about our headquarters and schedule a vist to the Climate + Innovation HUB.

Local application, global insight

Our holistic method, Regenerative Placemaking, is a globally-informed approach to local development.

We work to align neighborhood blueprints with highest-and-best use, as defined by meaningful integration with local leadership agendas and honing data-backed analysis to realize better outcomes.

Through an iterative process of co-creation, Regenerative Placemaking efforts propagate a broader movement for citywide change.

Drawn from the breadth and depth of our global network of knowledge workers, subject matter experts, technology partners, investors, policymakers, and advisors, our projects apply state-of-the-art thinking and execution in such diverse areas as:

  • Public Health + Wellbeing
  • Urban Planning + Zoning
  • Mobility + Public Transport
  • Smart City Infrastructure
  • Biophilic Design
  • Circular Economies
  • Alternative Financing + Ownership
  • Progressive Education
  • Arts, Culture + Entertainment
  • Clean Energy
  • Public Policy Reform
  • Data + Privacy

We are assembling a global network of innovators


Invent today. Shape Tomorrow.