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June 14, 2024

Art & Culture

Artist Highlight: James Brutus ~ ”Delivrance”  

James Brutus | Website | Instagram

”Delivrance” ~ Indoor mural for the Climate & Innovation HUB powered by Future of Cities in Ti Ayiti | Little Haiti.  Latex Paints on Walls | 20ft by 20ft (Stairway)

“In Haitian society, where formal job opportunities are scarce, women take on the role of primary caregivers and often rely on informal trade as their main source of employment. Referred to as the ‘Poto-mitan’ or ‘backbone’ of their communities, Haitian women bear the weight of family responsibilities, from nurturing children to providing economic support. Many, particularly those without access to education, turn to informal commerce, selling agricultural produce and other essentials. This mural pays tribute to the resilience and strength of Haitian women, depicting a central figure gracefully balancing a basket of fruits on her head, a skill that speaks volumes about her balance and expertise. Set against the backdrop of urban/rural Haiti, the artwork captures the vibrant tapestry of everyday life, steeped in a rich cultural heritage. Women are depicted navigating rugged landscapes with remarkable ease, embodying a spirit of determination as they fulfill their duties. The mural serves as a poignant reminder of an era when manual labor was indispensable for survival, showcasing the tenacity of Haitian women and their families as they traverse tropical terrain, hills and valleys. It stands as a testament to their invaluable contribution to society and their unwavering ability to surmount obstacles with grace and resilience. The title ‘Delivrance’ is in loving memory of my mother, Delivrance Brutus.”


Shot by VACO Studio

James Brutus is a Haitian-American artist hailing from the vibrant city of Miami, Florida whose artistic journey has been a lifelong adventure that began during the earliest days of wielding crayons. Learn more about James’ work, mission and inspirations HERE.