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Impact Investing For Urban Transformation

The future belongs to those who believe in a venture ecosystem

A futuristic garden with psychedelic tree-like structures

The decade of sustainable action is now

The venture capital arm of the Future of Cities™ makes targeted capital injections into key industries and innovations that drive regenerative development, advance sustainability practices, support smart city growth, and more. 

We invest in purpose-driven founders, evolutionary tech, revolutionary products and emerging industries.

interior courtyard of a gigantic futuristic structure with lush plants and a gridded-glass ceiling

Opportunities hidden in plain sight

We specialize in setting up, incubating and scaling innovative small and medium size independent businesses in Opportunity Zones.

We’re focused on maximizing livability through climate resilience, pandemic resistance, smart city technology, fin-tech, next-gen building materials and more.

Solving the grand challenges of our time

Cities of the future are well within our grasp. Now is the time to prioritize what  defines the livability of cities for the next 10, 20 and 100 years.  

Join our coalition of worldbuilders working responsibly to solve urban challenges through values-aligned venture capital investments.

By supporting new sustainable standards and investing in breakthrough technologies, we hope to end a cycle of environmental destruction and social inequality.  

Explore. Demonstrate. Scale. We are building a movement.

Prop Tech

Material Science,
Construction Tech

Health Tech

Vitality Monitoring
+ Smart Sensors

Social Equity

Small business solutions,
Minorty-owned businesses
+ Platform cooperativism

Smart Cities

Data privacy,
Public infrastructure
+ Circular economy

Clean Tech

Biophilic design,
Decarbonized solutions,
+ Renewables

Join the Future of Cities Innovation Ecosystem

We’re always searching for the next big thing to transform cities.