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The Innovation HUB at Little Haiti is a 1 Acre+ state-of-the-art complex featuring a sustainably repurposed warehouse located in the heart of historic Little Haiti on NE 59th Street adjacent to the Little Haiti Cultural Center.

This facility is a HUB for community, innovation, sustainability, culture, wellness and those looking for new models of regenerative living and development. 

Some of the sustainability features will include

  • Aspirationally Net Zero
  • Photovoltaic Panel System includes a total of 193 solar panel
  • modules producing 79.13 kW of energy
  • Tesla Powerwall, Tesla Gateway System and Tesla Powerwall Racking
  • Enhanced Air Filtration System
  • Reclaimed Rainwater system captures, stores and reuses water for irrigation of planting throughout site
  • Relocated 5 large native trees within the property
  • Planting 47 new trees & palms
  • Low Voltage Lighting, LED site, and landscape lights for reduced electrical usage
  • Edible Garden with locally grown herbs and produce
  • Gardening and potting area (with a composting system for food waste and organic material waste)
  • The ability for monitoring energy to compare to energy stored within batteries.
  • The ability for monitoring water consumption to compare to water stored within cisterns for landscape irrigation
  • All furniture is sourced from certified sustainably sourced materials or reclaimed

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