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Future of Cities Platform Partnership Agreement

I. Background

Future of Cities™(FoC) is an ecosystem of best-in-class organizations, experts and professionals across many diverse disciplines, bound together by a shared purpose: to steward more regenerative cities.

We believe responsible development of cities requires cross-sector, multidisciplinary and multilateral collaboration at an unprecedented scale. Accordingly, the Future of Cities partnership ecosystem operates across a wide array of communities, industries and leadership networks. 

We advocate on behalf of the work of our partners and seek multifaceted ways to meaningfully advance their work in the field.

II. Featuring Diverse New Standards and Innovations for Regenerative Placemaking™

Future of Cities benchmarks and popularizes new standards sourced from around the world – curating examples of socially enlightened practices and innovations that can contribute to more liveable cities. The focuses of partners in our platform’s ecosystem span across diverse focus areas, such as:

Public Health + WellbeingBiophilic Design 
Smart City Infrastructure 
Urban Planning + Zoning Smart Data + Privacy
Circular Supply Chains
Mobility + Public TransportNext-Gen Education  
Public Policy Reform
Arts, Culture Entertainment Renewable Energy
Alt-Financing + Ownership 

Examples of the range of work we may conduct with partners include, but are not limited to:

  • Co-investment or co-sponsorship opportunities
  • Deploy expertise in urban or rural demonstration projects
  • Co-host and promote Thought Leadership activities, events and programs
  • Co-author, co-produce or co-promote Thought Leadership content for marketing

III. Partnership Terms

While visions, agendas and missions of varied partners in the Future of Cities ecosystem differ, this document serves as a mechanism to affirm ideological alignment and ‘good will’ to collaborate.  Rather than focus on specific projects or programs of work, this document serves to record an official general partnership arrangement denoting brand alignment and mutual agreement to a Code of Conduct.

IV. Code of Conduct Partnership Values and Guiding Principles

By signing this document we mutually agree to operate with alignment to the terms and conditions set out in the following Code of Conduct:

  1. Through this document, we agree to allow each party to promote each other’s work through appropriate and responsible usage of each other’s brand, logo, link to website and likeness. 
    • Includes consent for inclusion on the Future of Cities website and marketing materials as well as on the partner organization’s website and marketing materials, with reference to each organization as a ‘partner’, ‘in partnership with’, ‘ecosystem partner’, ‘strategic partner’, ‘community partner’ or ‘development partner’, etc.
    • For use and reference to Future of Cities, brand-use, and thought leadership use.
  1. Any person signing on behalf of Future of Cities and/or partner organization must be an authorized signatory and will be signing on behalf of the organization, not in her or his own right or on behalf of a department.
  2. Integrity and Values in Motion: all activities and practices will uphold the principles of diversity, equity, anti-oppression, respect, inclusiveness, and earnestly aspire for environmental sustainability.
  3. This agreement should be revisited every two years to ensure retained alignment.
  4. Each party preserves the right to terminate this partnership agreement with 30 days’ notice.

V. About The Future of Cities

Part urban real estate investment vehicle, part think-tank, and part-venture ecosystem,  Future of Cities is transforming the built environment by popularizing a new urban design logic.  Through multiple real estate development projects that employ innovative global standards, Future of Cities demonstrates that the adoption of environmental-social-governance (ESG) strategies can drive outsized social and economic returns.

We employ Regenerative Placemaking to support collaboration amongst leaders to drive policy reform and demonstrate commercial and impact outcomes.

VII. Signatory

Unless indicated in writing and agreed by both parties, all other terms outlined in the agreement are accepted as written. If this letter accurately reflects your understanding of the scope and terms of this partnership, please sign below and return at your earliest convenience with a high-definition copy of your logo attached or enclosed.

Agreed on behalf of:

Partnership Agreement

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  • Max. file size: 50 MB.