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“Quick-witted, light-hearted polymath makes a turn from health to tech… Dr. Andréa Paige, also known as Andi X, spearheads The Institute for Aliveness (TIFA), a revolution in human health, focused on self-development and social change, fueled by critical inquiry and disruption of the “wellness” industry. TIFA is a collective of 50+ individuals spread across 30 countries.

Andi comes from a media/entertainment background, growing up in front of the camera, giving public lectures from age 12. Trained as a Political Economist and Anthropologist (BA, MSc), she looks at the interface between modern world realities and our biological underpinnings. With a Doctorate in Naturopathy (NMD), Andi specializes in Applied Epigenetics: encouraging humans to tap into their own physiology. One of the world’s few living experts in long-term fasting, Andi will release her second book on the physiology and psychology of long term fasting this year.

Stemming from a Bachelor’s in Political Economy, Globalization Studies and Diplomacy, Andi has spent 14 years traveling the world. From India, Indonesia, China/Taiwan and Latin America to Europe, she has lived, studied and worked in 100+ countries. Andi speaks 8+ languages and was selected twice as recipient of the US State Department’s Critical Languages Scholarship Award.

After running the wellness vertical of the largest Yoga studio in Asia for four years, Andréa took her efforts global. After a long period of introspection (3 months off grid & 40 days in silence) she left her health career to work in tech: Health AI & an online fasting education/experience company.

Alongside running her own businesses, Andi serves as an advisor and consults for startups, VCs and corporates in Asia, Europe and the USA in both Emotional Intelligence consulting as well as Futurist business design. She is a passionate public advocate of the Psychedelic Renaissance and its therapeutic trauma-healing potential as well as a supporter the Decentralization and data ownership movements.

‘I can’t tell you how much you’ve changed my life’ is the most common feedback she gets from people who work with her. Known for fierce commitment to depth and self-growth and decentralized minimalist philosophies, Andi is still an anomaly wherever she goes.”