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October 6, 2021

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Cities on Purpose: Sustainable Urban Development through Regenerative Placemaking

As the world becomes more interconnected through technological advancements, the need for governments to build international coalitions and create economic frameworks is necessary for countries to remain stable. Not only does economic statecraft and diplomacy help countries recover from financial crises, it also steers governmental policies and regulations towards economic reforms by providing jobs for its citizens and receiving investment from overseas. The use of economic diplomacy is essential for countries looking to provide economic security and equity in the 21st century. In these upcoming sessions, business leaders and government leaders will discuss the avenues in which the private sector can work closely with the public sector to create a purpose-driven environment for its citizens.

The Speakers

Anousheh Ansari

Jonathan Reckford
CEO, Habitat for Humanity

Tony Cho
CEO & Founder, Future of Cities

Barbara Humpton
President and CEO, Siemens Corporation USA

Sam Katiela
CEO & Founder, Mamemo Consulting