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August 31, 2023


Discovering the Magic of Nature and Community at ChoZen Retreat Discovery Day: A Real Florida Safari + Camp for the Humanity of the Future

A Regenerative Placemaking Demonstration Project

by Alexandra J Tohme

Nestled in the heart of central Florida, ChoZen Retreat Center opened its gates to the local community for its inaugural ChoZen Discovery Day on Saturday, August 26th, 2023. This event provided a unique opportunity for attendees to explore the bountiful landscapes, savor farm-to-table culinary delights, and connect with the ChoZen community.

The opening of ChoZen 2.0 is an invitation to be a part of a regenerative movement, to enjoy and explore the offerings for immersive experiences, innovative healing & wellness, luxury off-grid eco-living, and more. The grounds at the retreat illuminate this grand opportunity for the future of regenerative and sustainable systems.

Exquisite and unique native flora and fauna on ChoZen nature paths

ChoZen was created in 2020 by Ximena & Tony Cho during the pandemic, and has since evolved into a magical place that celebrates and embraces ecological abundance, with 25 endangered species on site, regenerative farming practices, and provides a refuge and sanctuary for every visitor to reconnect with nature, find community, and reunite with your inner self, amidst it’s biodiverse rich lands to heal, meditate and care for your wellness.

ChoZen Retreat is on 40 acres of nature preserved land and the St Sebastian River in Sebastian, FL

Booking a retreat or event with ChoZen reveals a plethora of opportunities to engage collectively and individually in a spiritual journey, relaxation and reflection, and an exciting nature bound getaway. Join and contact us to learn more about this transformative approach and engage in revolutionary regenerative practices.

“What we are doing here today is a model for wildlife corridors around the world,” said Founder and CEO of Cho Ventures, Tony Cho, emphasizing that we are sitting on a “real Florida safari, a camp for the humanity of the future.”

Some of the ChoZen & Cho Ventures Team at the Harvest House

The Discovery Day began with a delightful Welcome Tea & Social Hour, followed by a breathwork to reset and focus on the day’s intentions. Attendees, including local artists and wellness practitioners, mingled and connected, setting the stage for an enchanting journey into the ChoZen world.

Moti Scotti, Director of Regenerative Agriculture, shared insights into soil health, food supply and regenerative practices. Despite the damages done to our soil, Scotti left us with an uplifting message. “The good news is,” she said, “if we go on a path of degradation, that means that there is a path for regeneration.”

It is a hopeful narrative that requires action, which is exactly what we are doing at ChoZen Retreat for medicinal, nutrient-rich and flavor-rich foods: “We are actually in a renaissance of soil science,” announced Moti Scotti. Stay tuned for an upcoming blog series dedicated to regenerative agriculture, to dive deep into critical questions and issues surrounding our current food supply and health.

A Feast for the Senses

Every ingredient for the meals on the ChoZen menu is locally harvested

“Farm-to-table” is a very literal experience at ChoZen, as the chefs introduced what we were about to share for lunch at the Harvest House: Each ingredient on your plate is locally sourced from the land and river. With an oversupply of swordfish caught by local fisherman, the ChoZen team bought at hefty supply at a good rate: demonstrating an example of the triple wins possible with the regenerative placemaking approach. “You see what happens when you are paying attention,” emphasized Cho, to your community surroundings and native ecosystems.

A buffet of true farm-to-table produce and fresh caught fish, along with gluten-free options by our ChoZen chefs and farmers

Expansion to ChoZen 2.0 Ximena & Tony Cho’s Vision: 40 Acres of an Eco-Luxury Haven

ChoZen 2.0, the expansion of the eco-retreat from 6 to 40 acres, promises exciting amenities, including networks of beautiful and unique nature trails, wetland boardwalks, integrated immersive activities such as: outdoor fitness and yoga, fishing, birding, meditation, wildlife viewing, and more, such as educational workshops in our living laboratory.

The future of this eco-luxury haven will be revealed this fall season, from fleet farming and wellness programs to a spa with various treatment rooms including cold plunge, infrared sauna and massages and innovative healing programs.

Founders Ximena & Tony Cho

Tours by ChoZen farmers and managers exhibited a glimpse of the diverse wellness activities, picking off starfruit from the edible landscapes, showcasing harmonious native flora and fauna, and exclusive amenities that ChoZen offers to retreat guests.

Luxurious off-grid living experiences with the camping domes

Unwinding by the Cosmic Fire Pit

After the tours, the evening’s focal point was the cosmic fire pit. To cap off the day’s enchantment, a closing circle convened. Participants gathered to reflect, express gratitude, and share their newfound insights. This closing circle marked a meaningful conclusion, leaving attendees with renewed energy and well-being to carry into their passions and visions connected with ChoZen.

Always a magical sunset on ChoZen grounds

The first annual ChoZen Discovery Day was a resounding success, providing an opportunity for the local community to connect with nature, food, and each otherChoZen Retreat’s commitment to fostering a sense of belonging, wellness, and transformation was evident throughout the event.

Come try a taste of our edible landscape

As ChoZen 2.0 continues to grow, it promises to be a sanctuary where individuals can nurture their souls and deepen their connection to the environment and one another. We eagerly await the next opportunity to invite new groups and individuals to explore the magic of ChoZen.

Contact us and follow us to book your retreat and learn more about ways to partner and connect with us on the journey!

A glimpse of some of the domes for luxury camping
Engage in immersive experiences from yoga to meditation and sound healing
Come try a taste of our edible landscape
Activities offering along the St Sebastian River include canoeing, boating, fishing and more
Fresh starfruit from the land