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August 9, 2021

Salon Recap

Future of Cities in Ibiza, Spain: Salon Recap

Recently we hosted a salon on the Spanish island of Ibiza, a hot spot that brought together developers and financiers with activists and community organizers for a rich dialogue exploring macro-issues such as purpose-driven development, female empowerment, indigenous rights and how we can use technology appropriately to enhance quality of living in cities.

Below you can find a selection of interviews with some of our awesome co-hosts, advisors and partners to learn what was trending at Future of Cities summer 2021 Regenerative Placemaking salon in Ibiza, Spain.

Dr. Tatiana Kazakova, Co-Founder and Chief Strategy Officer of Leaders On Purpose

Leaders on Purpose is a community of purpose-driven corporate leaders promoting an inclusive and sustainable economy that puts purpose at the core and leaves no one behind. What began as a research collaboration between business leaders and experts from Harvard University, Unilever, The World Bank, and The London School of Economics has evolved into a platform that connects the CEO agenda with the United Nation’s Sustainable Development Goals. 

Learn more about Leaders On Purpose here

Thomas Ermacora, Founder of Recoded Cities

Recoded City examines alternative urban design, planning and architecture for the other 90%: namely the practice of participatory placemaking, a burgeoning practice that co-author Thomas Ermacora terms ‘recoding’. In combining bottom-up and top-down means of regenerating and rebalancing neighbourhoods affected by declining welfare or struck by disaster, this growing movement brings greater resilience.

Learn more about Thomas Ermacora here and purchase the book here

Lucian Tarnowski, Founder of United Planet

Learn more about what United Planet is up to here

Learn more about Lucian Tarnowski here

To learn more about how you can join or co-host a salon in a city near you, please contact us here.