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Through Regenerative
Urban Investments

Residency by Investment

Portugal’s Golden Visa Program
allows applicants to:

i. Live, study and work in Portugal;

ii. Travel within the Schengen Area without the need of a visa; Picture1

iii. Get an EU passport for your family and yourself in 5 years


Why Portugal?

A Bridge to Europe

#5th on the World Safety Index

#4th most powerful passport, access to 191 countries and territories, along with full EU freedom of movement rights.

#1 Portugal has been voted as the best European destination for the 6th time since 2017.

Portugal is highlighted as a leading destination due to its safety, quality of life, and geopolitical stability.

Passport Journey

Member Benefits

Fast-tracked application

Exclusive Community Events

Real Asset Access

FOC Portugal

Future of Cities (FoC) is expanding into Europe and will be advising the Beta Future of Cities Venture Capital Fund, which qualifies for the Golden Visa. The fund aims to invest in a portfolio that utilizes FoC’s Regenerative Placemaking strategy. At least 60% of the investments will be in Portugal, with the remainder mainly in the U.S. The fund focuses on enhancing environmental regeneration and community well-being focused on 3 investment themes: Hospitality, silver economy and community revitalization.

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